Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It - Classroom Design

Happy Monday!!  My Monday Made-It today is my classroom design for the year. My first thoughts about my classroom design came from Melanie at Schoolgirl Style.  She has so many awesome ideas that I used to help me in my planning.  The book, Classroom Spaces That Work, helped me to really analyze my classroom and the message it sends to students.  As you journey through my photos, you'll see the projects that I've posted throughout the summer.  If you have any questions, please ask!!
My first picture is the pile of furniture that met me at the door last Monday.  Luckily my husband was there with a hand cart because we ended up moving one file cabinet, one teacher desk, and three tables from/to my room.
This first picture is my classroom library.  This summer my husband and I painted the bookshelves black.  My nephew, Doug, helped too!  The bookshelves were all different colors and needed to look more cohesive.  You can see the pennant that I made that is hanging on the window wall in my classroom.  I also made the curtains this year to hide my storage.  One of my good friends at school had curtains like this and I loved them!  On the chalkboard are the name magnets that I sweated over at the beginning of the summer.  Do you see the short table with the globe on it?  The table is a regular height table with the legs taken off.  Another great idea from another teacher friend!!
The next picture is of my meeting area and back bulletin boards.  My classroom doesn't get cleaned every day, so instead of a carpet, I have carpet squares that the students grab to sit on if they want.  You can see the green, fluffy pillow that is at one of my "safe places" in the classroom.  The thought behind this idea is from the book, Conscious Discipline.  I also used fabric to cover two tables in my room.  This helps hide the storage that goes under the tables.

Here is my back bulletin board.  The first two boards are anchor chart holders, an idea from The Clutter-Free Classroom.  She has lots of great ideas that I recommend you checking out!  The third board is my incomplete math board and the fourth board is my CAFE menu board for the daily five.

You may notice that I do not have a word wall board up.  After lots of thinking, I've decided that I am going to have my students use individual word walls at their desk.  They will have a special folder for them and will write in the new words each week.  There will also be room to add in math vocab when necessary.

Obviously I'm not finished!!!  I will try to get more pictures taken when I'm totally done.  I'm trying lots of new ideas this year and I can't wait to see how they work out.  I'm feeling pretty positive about the whole package!  School starts with meetings next Monday.  Wish me luck:)

Thanks again to Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics for hosting this linky.  Click on the icon at the top of the blog to go check out her post and all the other great links.


Lisa said...

Your room looks great! I love your color scheme!

Super Pig and Tyrant King

Jennie said...

Great room. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one bypassing the word wall. Because of limited space I'm also doing individual word folders.

Second Grade Chatter said...

Your room is looking great!!

A Teacher Without a Class said...

Classroom is looking great! I am hosting a giveaway--you could win a laminator!

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Oh, I just love it Anne! It looks great. That website is so inspirational. I used it for setting up my new room. Fun stuff.

Meiriwyn said...

Your room looks terrific! I'm using a similar color scheme with some blues and purples added to the mix. I hope mine looks as great as yours when it's finished!

Anonymous said...

Great blog- was searching pinterest to see what ideas I could get for rearranging my classroom for this upcoming school year. Looks great ;) I'm a new follower! *Ashley

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