Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trying something new...and a freebie!!

Learning never stops!  I'm trying to see if I can get a document from my Google Drive to my blog. It's a measurement freebie for you:)  The idea isn't mine; I got the idea researching for our 2nd Grade Common Core math measurement unit.  I decided to make it into a document so that my students could do it on their own during our math stations.

If you have the chance, please let me know if this works!  Thanks!  You'll be helping me learn:)
*I see now that the date line moved when I transferred the doc.  I'll have to work on that!!
**Yay!!  I fixed it:)  When you click on the document it should be correct:)


Tales of a Teachaholic said...

Thanks, Anne! When I clicked on the link, I reached the "request permission" screen. I requested permission to the document.

Nicki Mann said...

Wish I could use it! I got my LBS1 in May, but haven't been able to find a job... partially because my school focused so much on creating problem solving activities and engaging lessons, but all the schools I've interviewed at have only been interested in my experience with scripted curriculums like Reading Mastery. :(

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