Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monday Made it

Hello friends!  It's actually Sunday night and I am contemplating my weekend and lack of photos for this month's Monday Made It. (Be thankful I didn't take a picture of my beginning crochet bowl!)  I didn't even get a post in last month!  I have no photos for you this month, but some thoughts.....

*I've been making our math curriculum from start to finish.  I decided to go ahead and try Guided Math and I love it.  Unfortunately, it's a lot more work for me.  I don't have a lot of our curriculum to guide me as most of my students do well in math.  I will say that it is completely worth the effort!  After teaching through Guided Reading for so many years, I can't believe I never thought of Guided Math.  It is so much more effective to teach to a small group instead of a whole class.

*I made it through the first quarter of the year.  I have a wonderful class this year and that has been great!  The politics, lack of curriculum and working without a contract haven't been as good!  This weekend I finally forced myself to totally look at things the way they really are.  I chose this job. I love this job. It involves extra work and effort. I will work hard to balance my life knowing that my job is not a typical 9 to 5!

*At home, I'm working hard on making my Christmas list smaller and smaller.  I hate the running around and craziness of last minute shopping.  I like to take the time to buy gifts that my family and friends will truly like.  I also want to have a January without extra bills:)  Here's to enjoying the season and the blessings that it brings.

*I will make Thanksgiving a priority for my students and my family.  We will work on being thankful every day in November.

Happy Fall!!


lynn said...

i hope the contract gets smoothed out soon for you, anne. i'm trying for a simpler xmas this year--no bills in january--priceless:)!

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