Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daily Five - Chapter 3

Hello Friends!  I am really enjoying the chance to read about everyone's ideas about Daily Five! Be sure to check out their amazing ideas here.  Jana from Thinking Out Loud is hosting this week's chapter.

I've always found that a gathering place is important.  The students understand that when we are there focused learning and discussions are going to happen.  We do our daily greeting, read aloud, classroom meetings and lessons from all subjects there.  I find that having kids move throughout the day to come to the gathering place helps them get a movement break and keep their focus.  Because our rooms only get cleaned once a week, I've had to move from a carpeted area to carpet squares. You can get carpet samples for free or at a low price at most carpet places.  They stay stacked until kids are ready to use them.  That way no one is walking on them and getting them dirty!

The sisters' lesson on good fit books is excellent!  I've used it and it really helps give the students a concrete understanding about what good fit means.  Two books that go well with this lesson are Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts and Shoes for Me by Sue Fliess.  Some students seem to continually have a difficult time with choosing good fit books.  I have to do lots of one on one lessons with those students. Next year I want to have the kids model for the other students how they chose a good fit book.  I haven't done this before and I think it will be really helpful.

I have a funny story to share with you about good fit books.  A parent told me that I must really have taught them about good fit books.  She had been reading Thirty Shades of Grey on her Nook while her son was reading next to her.  He asked what she was reading and tried to look at it.  She explained that it was an adult book and not for him to look at.  He said, "Oh, it's not a good fit book for me." He understood the concept of I PICK and good fit books perfectly:)

I love using anchor charts with my students!  Last year I posted the charts on a large bulletin board after we made them.  Then I took pictures of the students involved in all the areas of Daily Five.  I posted their pictures next to the anchor chart that fit.  These served as visual reminders of what the Daily Five looked like in action.

I use chimes as a signal for the students. They are pleasant sounding and when the kids hear them they know to stop and listen.  It's such a nice alternative to me raising my voice to get their attention.

I could go on and on about this chapter!  It has so many significant ideas and procedures that help the Daily Five run successfully in the classroom.  I'll leave you with a quote that really hit me as I reread the book: "Richard Allington stated that the most current research indicates than an independent-level or good-fit book for children is one they can read with 99% accuracy."


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