Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daily Five - Chapter Seven

In Chapter 7 we learn about when to start choice in Daily Five and how to do it.  The sisters suggest starting choice in October. It was good for me to reread this.  Last year I looped with my first grade class to second grade, so they were ready for choice very early.  This year I think I would have started choice too early, forgetting about the time it takes to set the kids up for success in Daily Five.
When I do Daily Five choice, I use the check-in method suggested by the sisters.  I find that it helps focus students on their choice and it lets me know very quickly what they should be doing during Daily Five.  I also like the check-in model because it allows me to be sure that the students are doing all of the Daily Five.  I've found that even at the end of the year I have to remind some students what they've already chosen and what they have left to choose.
For those of you who haven't read The Cafe, I strongly suggest that you delve right in!  The ideas have helped me to be a more focused and thoughtful reading teacher.  I am also a member of the sisters website and have read lots of valuable information there.  They send out an email every week with tons of good information.  Even if you choose not to join their site, you can still get the email. (There will be some sections of the email that you won't have access to without joining.)
Good Luck to everyone who is starting or continuing the Daily Five this year!  It's been so fun to share ideas with all of you.  Thanks to Mel D from Suesstastic Classroom Inspirations and Nicole from Teaching with Style! for setting up this bookstudy.  Today's host is Corinna at Surfin' Through Second.  Be sure to check her blog for the linky!


Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

When I first read about the student check in before each component I wasn't so sure I wanted to take that time, but it definitely seems to be that extra push they need to be successful in the rotation. I have the CAFE book ready to go. Trying to decide whether I can take in anymore before summer is over or if I need to get D5 up and running before taking anything else on. I've enjoyed coming by your blog during this book study and hearing your thoughts on the D5. It sure has helped me wrap my mind around it, and I'm so looking forward to starting it when I go back in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I am your newest follower!

Tales of a Teachaholic said...

I nominated you (again) for the Versatile Blogger Award! Love your blog!
Michele Yanong