Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do you want a good laugh?  To remember the good and/or bad times in your school history?  Well jump on over to Simply Kinder to check out her great story and other peoples' too!
I have LOTS of memories of school!  One memory from Kindergarten is when someone got in trouble the teacher took them into the supply closet in our room and spanked them! (OK-I am 46!) One time she took a girl into the closet (usually it was boys) and the girl didn't come out crying like all the boys did.  I remember feeling so proud of her!  Awful to even imagine happening now, but it is funny to think about the story.
I also remember learning from my kindergarten teacher that the sun didn't go away at night; it just went around to the other part of the world.  I remember her describing just how it looks when the sun goes down!
I loved all my teachers, even the kindergarten one!


Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I have the Linky all fixed. Sorry about that. Be sure to stop by and link up! =)

lynn said...

my, she was a spunky thing, wasn't she?!

Corinna said...

Oh my goodness, spanking! I always tell my kids in class that back in the old days if they were bad they would have been spanked. They look at me with shocked horrified faces, lol! Thanks for sharing:)

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