Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Made It

Today I'm linking up with Monday Made it.  I LOVE all the great ideas that I've gotten from people, so be sure to check it out!
Create●Share●Inspire: Chalkboard Clothespins
Aren't these LOVELY?  They are from create-share-inspire!  She has a great tutorial there for you to follow.  I decided that I had to make them for my classroom.  They were a bit of a project. (Spray painting clothespins is not fun!)  I'm very happy with the results!  In a nutshell, the black paint is chalkboard paint.  The frame is drawn on with white paint.  I will write the kids' names in chalk and then I can erase them and use them year after year.  My plan is to set up a permanent spot in the classroom where students can post what they think is their best work.  A lot of teaching goes into what best work means, but it essentially has the kids choosing work that is THEIR best and not their neighbors.  Here is my take on the clips-

The clips are painted the light lime green that I used for my trashcan project.  For some reason the color doesn't photograph correctly.  I'm sure it's not my lack of photo-taking skills:)  Below is another project  that I used the spray paint on.  I bought the lamp at a garage sale.  The color was gold, but I wanted it to match my classroom.  I did have to buy a new lampshade.  The lamp itself was only $7 and the shade was the cheapest one I could find at Target.  I don't remember the cost.  The last photo is of a $2 lamp that I bought at a garage sale.  I decorated the lamp shade with ribbon.

I'll be coming back for a second post because this one is already so long.  I am so psyched that I got nominated for TWO more blog awards! I'll be writing about them next.


Alyce said...

WOW, here is another award... One Lovely Blog.


Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

Tara said...

Your clips turned out so nice!!! I'm not sure I would have the patience....I love your lamp makeovers too!!! Thanks for linking up:)))

4th Grade Frolics

Emily said...

You did a great job!

I Love My Classroom

Brandi said...

Love your project. I've pinned those clothespins but was afraid to tackle it. Where did you get the wood to use?

Success in Second Grade

Miss T said...

Super cute projects! And I'm a new follower :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher
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lynn said...

the little chalkboards are adorable and a great way for the kids to show off what they are proud of--love that!

your lamp re-dos are awesome, too! i'm glad to see you join a link party--your blog deserves more traffic!

Brandi said...

Thanks for the tips on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Your clips and lamp shade are both adorable!

Delighted in Second
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