Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A thought or two...

Good Morning! No card this morning, but I'd like to share a thought or two about blogging and creating. Getting involved with blogging and following others' blogs has sparked an enormous change in my creating. No more waiting for the magazine I get once a month or perusing the aisles of my local bookstore for different magazines. I still love those, to be sure, but I know that I can always jump on the web and discover so many wonderful creations.

I know that instinctively I have added new styles and tools to my "bag of tricks" that I use when I create. (That bag is getting pretty heavy!) I'd love to name a few of the blogs that I really inspire me, but then I know that I would leave others out. There's always the chance blog encounter that really thrills me also.

I realize that I trust myself more when I am designing cards. When I look back at my creations from years ago, I usually laugh. That's OK, though, it's where I was on the creative journey. I always hope to be moving along on that journey and with the encouragement and talents of so many behind me, I know that I will.

Thanks for the enthusiasm and inspiration!

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